Yacht Watch: The $545M Luna is Docked in Miami!

With a missile-defense system and bulletproof windows!

We’ve seen some exceptional yachts come through the Magic City — from the 377-foot Pelorus to Mark Cuban’s 288-foot Fountainhead — but the 377-foot Luna, last valued at $545 million, is truly a marvel.

Both Luna and Fountainhead are currently docked at Watson Island’s Island Gardens Marina off the MacArthur causeway in Miami. Notice the enormous disparity in size, as Luna (front) makes Cuban’s vessel (back left) look like a speedboat in comparison.

At 377 feet, Luna is the second largest expedition yacht in the world. It’s so large it has two helipads.

It was built for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea F.C, and then sold to his billionaire pal Farkhad Akhmedov for $400 million in April 2014.

After purchasing his new toy, Akhmedov poured $50 million into a refit that fall.

Estimated to be worth $545 million as of 2010, Luna has NINE decks, nine cabins and is capable of sleeping 18 guests with a crew of up to 50 people.

Amenities include the two helipads, anchor stabilizers, multiple jacuzzis, a swimming pool, elevator, beach club, dance floor, gym, and spa.

Among its wide array of water toys is a mini submarine.

Another ridiculously cool feature is the roof opening above the master cabin, allowing guests to sleep under the stars.

The vessel is practically indestructible, with bulletproof windows and an anti-missile system.




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