Who is Howard Chase? :)


Born and raised in BostonBorn and raised in Boston, MA, Chase earned his BA in Communication from Tulane University in 2002 and his Masters degree in Business Administration from Florida International University’s Chapman Graduate School of Business in 2007. In 2002, Chase moved to Los Angeles to capitalize on the booming real estate market. By 2005, Chase became a top producer and had gained experience in every facet of real estate from construction to sales. In 2006 Chase moved back to the east coast to complete his Masters Degree and complete his vision for a full service luxury real estate brokerage. Chase has been involved in more than 1,000 real estate transactions, primarily residential and residential income, but also commercial, industrial and land development, along with a number of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. His sophistication and passion in dealing with an assortment of issues in real estate has contributed to his success.

Chase attributes his success to his strong work ethic, discipline, determination and focus. A lifelong athlete, Chase prides himself on training ardently and practicing with fervor. While continuing to compete physically, he has focused on challenging himself in the same way through business.

Chase’s ongoing commitment to provide exemplary service that goes beyond the ordinary is a quality on which he prides himself. Through Howard Chase Real Estate’s specialized marketing programs, state-of-the-art computer systems, office support staff, and his vast knowledge of today’s real estate market, Chase is able to provide personalized service to every client. His growing reputation within the real estate community and that of Howard Chase Real Estate’s is synonymous with success.

Howard Chase Real Estate, LLC | Phone (305) 532-7470 | Fax (305) 532-7471 | 1354 Washington Ave Suite #220 | Miami Beach, FL 33139



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